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Courses are designed in a manner which allows for a number of mandatory core modules, whilst a choice of optional modules can be cherry-picked for maximum benefit to the learner. This means that irrelevant modules, so often used as “padding” are avoided.

Making the acquisition of skills affordable and available to anyone with access to a Smart Device, The Skill Studio provides Training-on-the-Go and includes video clips, voice overs and interesting articles to enhance the learning experience.

For individuals entering the job market, The Skills Studio’s courses will provide a ready-made set of skills which will give the Learner an immediate advantage. Learners already employed will benefit by being able to advance sooner by being able to demonstrate skills which normally take some time to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Course Registration Work?
Once a Learner has registered and paid for the first Training Course, the learner’s details are captured and stored in our database. Once registered, a Learner will become a Skills Studio member with full access to resources which The Skills Studio makes available to its members only. For further information on these resources, please log on to www.theskillsstudio.co.za and click on the “Members Only” tab. Every Training Course paid for can be accessed with a unique pin number which will remain valid for the period of time within which the Course is to be completed. There is no limit on the number of Training Courses one individual Learner can register for, although courses have to be completed one at a time. It may also happen that access to an advanced course will only be granted after the successful completion of a basic course (see the section on “Prior Learning Requirements” for each Course)
What are The Course requirements?
Smart Device Any Smart Device can be used to complete the The Skills Studio’s Training Courses. An internet-capable cell phone, tablet or laptop; internet access via Wi-Fi or Mobile Network; and enough data and airtime to access and download Course Material will be required. Language Although The Skills Studio is sensitive to the fact that multiple languages are spoken amongst our Learners, the preferred language of the business environment remains English. Since our courses are aimed at improving skills and service delivery in the business sector at large, all our Courseware is presented in English. Minimum Education & Prior Learning The Skills Studio generally requires that, in order to gain maximum benefit from our Training Courses, Learners have a minimum Grade 12 qualification and must be able to read, write and understand English fluently. Some Courses may require a higher level of education and may even have some minimum experience requirements, but this will be stipulated under the section “Prior Learning Requirements” for each individual Training Course. The Prior Learning Requirements will differ for each Training Course. It is therefore imperative that Learners familiarise themselves with the requirements for each individual course they wish to register for. Any persons wishing to register for courses and who do not have the minimum qualifications or experience stipulated for each course, may not be able to complete the Training Material successfully, and they do so at own risk. Where advanced Training Courses require the successful completion of one or more basic Courses, the Learner will be required to furnish the unique Certificate ID Number stated on the Certificates obtained for successfully completing each of the required basic courses. Registration for the Advanced Course will only be allowed upon verification of these Certificate ID Numbers.
What about Employment Opportunities
The Skills Studio offers various services in order to assist Members to secure employment and includes access to The Skills Studio’s online job-site.
What are The rewards?
By studying through The Skills Studio, Learners will have access to skills that are affordable, immediate and visible. Members also gain access to job-opportunities, blog sites and additional resources to further improve their probability of success.

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